buarki face

I am a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience solving problems using software in business segments such as e-commerce, advertising, customer loyalty, transportation, and urban mobility. Throughout my career, I have worked on multi-country projects for global customers, delivering high-quality solutions capable of supporting high throughput and meeting performance requirements.

With my solid experience in DevOps, software architecture, and agile methodologies, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to drive projects forward efficiently and effectively. My expertise has also allowed me to streamline development processes, optimize system performance, and ensure seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams.

Over the last few years, I have specialized as an SRE, leveraging Go and leading a team to build tools and products for retail. In addition to my technical contributions, I am passionate about sharing my experiences and insights gained through hands-on experience. I consistently enrich the tech community by publishing informative and insightful technical articles on the internet.

In addition to solving problems with software, I love preparing and drinking coffee with my personal arsenal of tools at home, traveling, cooking, and having meals with friends. To stay in shape and give my brain a break, I go to the gym regularly :)

My top 5 series are Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones (even though it ended that way), Peaky Blinders, The Boys and Doctor House.