Find Castles

Portolio overview


This project is dedicated to the collection and enrichment of data about castles worldwide, consolidating it into an accessible application. By leveraging a smart crawler and enrichment engine made from scratch, we gather comprehensive information from various sources, ensuring the accuracy and richness of the data. The application aims to make global heritage more accessible, allowing users to explore historical castles with ease.

Our tech stack includes Go for backend processing, MongoDB for efficient data storage and indexing, and GitHub Actions for automated and scheduled data enrichment tasks. The project employs advanced techniques such as concurrent data processing and robust error handling to ensure reliability and scalability. Additionally, we utilize MongoDB Atlas for its powerful free tier and UTF-8 support, facilitating seamless storage of international data.

Ultimately, this project not only preserves and shares valuable historical information but also demonstrates the application of modern software engineering practices. It serves as a testament to the potential of technology in promoting cultural heritage, making it an exciting venture for tech enthusiasts and a valuable asset for tech recruiters seeking innovative and impactful project.

Tech stack

  • Go;
  • WebAssembly;
  • SSE;
  • Vercel;
  • JavaScript;